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Hyperspectral cameras, compared to traditional cameras, divide the light spectrum into many small wavelength bands. Therefore, a Hyperspectral camera can capture the spectral fingerprints as spectral signatures from an object. These spectral signatures give very detailed information about the material constitutions of the imaged object Hyperspectral imaging considerably improves the identification and classification of objects and is today recognized as a key enabling technology for next generation industrial inspection, medical diagnosis and security applications.


Breeze™ – the Smartest Palm Spectrometer
BaySpec introduces Breeze,TM the world’s smartest palm spectrometer for 400-2500nm
with a simple one button operation. Featuring proprietary miniaturized optics, BreezeTM is highly efficient for maximum sensitive with ultrafast acquisition. For the first time, 
a smart device delivers laboratory performance in a handheld form.
This smart device allows for wireless communication to any smartphone via a Bluetooth
interface. The phone app allows users to setup their own databases for sample analysis. With
available data library, this palm device can perform quantitative and qualitative analysis
at anytime and anywhere for plastics, illicit drugs, pharmaceuticals, explosives, biological
warfare agents, medicine, food, and other materials.

Full Details

The compactness, and BaySpec’s proprietary “true push-broom” technology (line-scanning at random speeds), make the OCI-F Series the perfect choice for various applications. 


Key Features

With the corresponding
molecular signatures are
by the miniaturized device,
data can be wirelessly
transferred to a smartphone
via Bluetooth interface. The
software can be downloaded
to both Android and IOS
smartphones for full control
of the wearable device.


BaySpec Breeze


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