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NAX Instruments Pte Ltd is one of the fastest-growing Test & Measurement companies and is well-received in its circle of business. Strong application focus, constant networking and the continuous quest for world-class quality have enabled us to attain and sustain leadership in all our major lines of business. NAX consists of a group of enthusiasts who bring solutions to your daily challenges. We carry a wide range of products from different brands to fulfil the needs of various industries by understanding their specific requirements.

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Welcome to NAX Instruments - Your Partner in Precision Measurement

We at NAX Instruments are experts in providing cutting-edge test and measurement solutions in Singapore. We have made a reputation for ourselves in the business by adhering to an unwavering commitment to quality, accuracy, and client satisfaction. Our goal is to provide companies from a range of industries with the resources they need to thrive in the highly competitive business landscape of today.

Why Choose Nax Instruments?


We provide a wide selection of test and measurement solutions, ranging from portable gadgets to instruments fit for a laboratory. We offer the tools you need, no matter what your application.


Our staff is made up of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about the complexities of measurement technology. We offer professional advice to assist you in choosing the best instruments for your unique needs


Products and services at NAX are priced competitively. We ensure that our customer's budgets and needs are taken into consideration.


All of our products are guaranteed by warranty, putting your mind at ease when an item fails.


What sets us apart is our emphasis on customer service. When our customers are happy,
we are happy.


At NAX, we only carry products of exceptional quality. Quality is key as it ensures the longevity of the product.


NAX aims to provide a one-stop solution to our customers in a test and measurement environment using the latest technology available.


Thermography is a non-destructive test method that may be used to detect poor connections, unbalanced loads, deteriorated insulation, or other potential problems in energized electrical components.


We work closely with the SAC calibration lab to provide calibration services in Singapore to industrial equipment for both handheld or onsite electrical/mechanical/temperature/process instrumentation.


We provide training on equipment to clients who are new or are unsure about the operation of the equipment.


NAX supports sourcing services for corporate accounts for niche products, commodities, spare parts and test and measurement equipment.



Industries We Serve

  • Manufacturing: Use our measurement tools to streamline your production processes.
  • Healthcare:With our healthcare instrumentation, you can guarantee patient security and precise diagnoses.
  • Education and Research: Invest in the newest measurement technology for your research facility or educational establishment.
  • Energy and utilities: Our instruments will help you effectively and dependably monitor and manage vital systems.





When a customer walks out of our doors, they leave us physically. Deep down, they are always with NAX.



Every product sold, a new adventure unveils between our customers and the product.



NAX's network of clients reaches overseas and far away from where we are based.



Commitment is key, we are committed to serving our customers to the best of our abilities.


"The Therm-APP MD has allowed successful Temperature Screening in our Office Tower ensuring Elevated Body Temperature is detected on massive space. The advantage of the Therm-APP is the compact in its size and delivered a crisp images on identifying Elevated Temperature,the easy and straight deployments allow us to install and dismantle it everyday if required"
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Giselle (Metropolis Tower)

Swift and Quick deployments from NAX team on allowing the Therm-APP MD to fever screen in our Air Freight Terminal. We faced some issue initially during the set up but the after sales service from NAX team was responsive and very reactive to ensure to meet our demand due to the high traffic of personnel. Good work!
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Andrea (SATS)

“Therm-App TH has allowed me to identify the hotspot of our critical electrical plant while documenting it down easily with the radiometric software. The resolution and accuracy is industrial standard yet at an affordable price. This is a great tool that gets the job done and maximize cost saving to our company. I will definitely recommend to Contractors that would require it for troubleshooting”
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Jexter Tan (Senior Facilities Engineer in Perkin Elmer)

"We were very skeptical at first pertaining to a thermal imaging that can connect to the smartphone. After seeing the actual demonstration and a couple of experiment presented by NAX Instruments technical salesperson. We were impressed that with such a simple use of technology (small thermal imager) can unlock the capability of checking temperature quite accurately and the resolution is superb. The APPs also allow transfer of thermal images quickly to the stakeholders and allow us to make an informed decision before any catastrophe may arise"
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Muhd Fihrin (WSH Manager in Singapore Telecommunications Limited)

"We required an urgent requirement of thermal imaging camera in Indonesia and engaged NAX Instruments. One of the technical salespeople quickly identify our needs and presented the options for our requirement, we are able to get hold of the thermal camera on the same day we requested it. I would say Therm-App TH has allowed us to identify hotspot in the incident ships given the high resolution and accuracy, it also allows us to document the findings with the software that has radiometric information. The equipment is so easy to carry and the only pitfall for this equipment is that it runs on the Android Smartphone only"
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Ken (Director of Minton, Treharne & Davies (S) Pte Ltd)

"We finally get to find thermal imager that is high resolution and yet meeting our challenging budget. We are very thankful to NAX Instruments expertise for always prioritizing the customer's application prior to proposing a feasible solution. Today we got hold of more than 150 sets of Thermal imaging camera from SEEK Thermal "
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Ling Xi (SP PowerGrid Ltd)

"I would like to commend on the lightning responsiveness from NAX Instruments for helping us advise on the vital tools for our facilities management new plant at a very short period of time. They have demonstrated fast responsiveness to provide on-point information and support while we were needed that most. They just know what their customer needs given their application to meet the requirement and budget"
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Gerardo (Senior Engineer in ams AG (S) Pte Ltd)

"Therm-App Hz is of the superb thermal imaging camera that has high refresh rate and it’s really good for hunting and locating moving hotspot object! The resolution is much higher given the affordability of this camera"
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Vinchel (Hobbyist in Wildlife Navigation)

"Previously we were using the Fluke Ti400 handheld thermal imaging camera, however, we find it quite bulky and heavy to use after a long period of time. Usually, after 1 hour of usage, it sores our muscle while holding it especially we have a couple of motors/electrical panel to inspect. After using the Therm-APP TH device, we found it very useful and it could do whatever the FLuke Ti400 could offer. The IRT Cronista Software is also flexible enough to allow us for a full report generation to show it to the stakesholders."
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Mr Hamdi (Synergy FMI Pte Ltd)

"Therm-App Hz has a high refresh rate and at the affordable price. We choose this because it could help us to detect lost animals in the dark."
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Marcus (Causes For Animarls)

Due to the covid-19 situation, temperature screening is mandatory in offices building to ensure fast detection on probably feverish personnel. This is why we engage NAX in deployment of the Temperature Screening device and their service is swift and quick. Kudos!
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Jackson (Heeren @ Orchard)

We faced issue on discrepancies in color quality on our barrel and contacted NAX Instruments for help. The technical team came over identify the problems and proposed the Colorimeter with demonstration prior. We are glad to find out that the best way of identifying is through the yellowness index. At the present, we are happy that the device work perfectly and are able to solve the pressing issue in our production. Kudos!
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Operation Engineer
"One of the most captivating features I find bout the Therm-APP TH is the capability to do live streaming. This allows me to share the knowledge via streaming so my students don't have to cramp around the thermal camera during my presentation. Other than that, the IRT Cronista software works perfectly for me to do some simple analysis. Too bad for the Therm-APP PRO that doesn't have this feature yet."
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Andrew (A*Star IMRE)


At NAX Instruments Pte Ltd, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business. Contact us today to experience the NAX advantage and discover why we are the trusted choice for calibration services in Singapore.