Color/ Brightness/ Gloss

Nax Instrument Colorimeters for Color, Brightness and Gloss Measurement 

Our extensive selection of cutting-edge colorimeters, gloss meters, spectrophotometers, surface testing instruments, and whiteness meters are meticulously designed to match your exact measurement requirements in different industries such as manufacturing, quality control, research and development, and others.

Nax Instruments is your trusted partner in achieving the highest quality standards for your goods and materials, with a commitment to precision and dependability.

Explore our selection of spectrophotometer colorimeters, portable colorimeters, and other products to take your measurement capabilities to new heights.

Explore our curated collection of colorimeters at NAX Singapore, designed to meet diverse color measurement needs across industries. Our colorimeters offer precise color analysis, ensuring accurate color reproduction for quality control, research, and more.

From handheld devices to benchtop models, our range caters to various applications. With intuitive interfaces and advanced features like multiple color spaces and customizable settings, our colorimeters provide reliable results. Elevate your color measurement capabilities with NAX Singapore’s selection of high-quality colorimeters.

Browse through our range today and find the perfect colorimeter to enhance your color analysis processes.

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