We carry numerous market leader brands in Test & Measurement environment. Below is the list of application our user can use upon
  • Thermography for quick troubleshooting and certification level (ITC)
  • Vibration measurement health testing
  • Power Quality Monitoring for Energy Audit and troubleshooting
  • Electrical and Electronic testing
  • Temperature monitoring device
  • UPS Health checking/ Battery testing
  • Calibrators on for electrical, pressure, temperature
  • Gas Detection for accurate measurement and safety
  • Biomedical appliances testing
  • Pressure gauges for monitoring
  • Airflow and Air Quality Monitoring System and device
  • Process instrumentation for 4-20 mA
  • Network solution for wired and wireless
  • Airflow and Air Quality Monitoring System and device
We believe that by connecting the application of the customer's requirement and proposing our expertise by selecting the correct brand in Test & Measurement, we will be able to spec in the T&M based on the requirement