TR Turoni Durometer



The use of the instrument is very simple: once taken the
instrument, place the plunger against the fruit and
progressively press until the fruit pulp is completely against
the grey basement of the plunger. For a more meaningful
control it is necessary to consider the average taken on a
fruit lot (for example at least 9 fruits), the determined value
is expressed inshore degrees.



This instrument is used for the pulp softening determination
of fruit and vegetables, the tests can be done in a vertical
and horizontal position. The pulp softening is a very
important index in the quality control. The main
characteristic of the instrument is that it is non-invasive for
the product, therefore we have these advantages:
– the various levels of maturation of a determined fruit can
be followed directly on the plant during the whole growing’s
– measurements can be carried out on the produce where
the classic fruit pressure tester, destructive instrument, do
not give acceptable results.

Options & Delivery Scope

Technical Data :
Display: 4 digits, 10 mm
Range: 10 – 90 shore
Resolution: 0.1 shore

53215TP Flat tip
53215TT Spherical tip


TR Turoni Durometer DS


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