PCE-MSV 10 SPL Meter


Portable sound camera and sound pressure meter for visual sound level measurement


Portable sound camera and sound pressure meter for visual sound level measurement

In loud environments, it is often difficult to pinpoint the source of a sound. The easy-to-operate PCE-MSV 10 SPL meter visualizes sound in real time, creating a visual road map to a sound’s source. Also referred to as a noise meter, sound pressure meter, portable sound camera or sound level camera, the PCE-MSV 10 SPL meter can be used in various stages of machine and equipment design, manufacture and operation, from engineering research and development (R&D) to preventative maintenance and beyond. 


Lightweight and compact, the PCE-MSV 10 portable SPL meter features:

– Measurement range of 30 … 130 dBA

– Frequency range of 20 … 20000 Hz

– Real-time image and video recording*

– 1 GB RAM

– Automatic setup

– 10” full-color tablet-style screen

– Software for visual sound analysis

– Sound measuring microphone

– Protective carrying case

*Recorded images and videos can be transferred via a WLAN from the PCE-MSV 10 sound level meter to a computer for further analysis.

When using the included sound measuring microphone, the PCE-MSV 10 also can be used as a general sound level meter without visualization.


Technical specifications

Measurement range 30 … 130 dBA
Frequency range 20 … 20000 Hz
Measurement modes Indication of loudest source of noise
Indication of transients
Focal range Automatic: 0.2 … 5 m / 0.7 … 16.4 ft
Manual: 0.2 … 50 m / 0.7 … 164 ft
Display size 254 mm / 10 in
Memory 1 GB RAM
Battery life Continuous operation: 4 hours
Intermittent operation: 15 hours
Dimensions 300 x 250 x 40 mm / 11.8 x 9.8 x 1.6 in
Weight Approx. 980 g / 2.2 lbs

Delivery Scope

Delivery contents

1 x PCE-MSV 10 SPL meter
1 x sound measuring microphone
1 x protective carrying case
1 x software for visual sound analysis
1 x user manual




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