Micro​ Core™​


Micro Core™​

Ultra-Compact, Low Cost,
IMaging Core with 200 x 150
Sensor resolution


Micro Core™​ is a high-performance thermal camera in a market-leading size footprint. Designed for small form factor, low power and lightweight applications, the Micro Core delivers high-end thermal capabilities, accuracy and performance that is unmatched in its price range.


200 x 150 High-Resolution Thermal Sensor
30,000 temperature pixels for excellent image clarity and sensitivity
Dual-Gain Smart Pixels
Each pixel automatically adjusts gain states to maximize resolution contrast when viewing hot and cold objects in the same scene
12 Micron Pixels
More resolution and temperature data packed into a physically tiny array enables small form factor applications and lower cost
Low Cost. Small Size. High Performance.
Unmatched price-per-pixel thermal sensor available
Shutterless Design for Uninterrupted Imaging
Automatic shutterless correction increases reliability by eliminating a moving mechanical part and delivers uninterrupted thermal imaging
Add a Visible Light Camera
SDK support available for integrating a visible light camera to fuse


200 x 150 Sensor Resolution
61˚Field of View
-20C to 300C (-4F to 572F) Detection
Size (LxWxH) 8 x 11 x 8mm
Shutterless Design
Dual-Gain Smart Pixels
Export Compliant <9Hz Frame Rate


Seek Micro™​ Core Datasheet