Compact XR


Affordable, High-Performance Thermal Imaging

Long-Range Thermal Imaging Camera Designed for Your Smartphone


Affordable, High-Performance Thermal Imaging

Long-Range Thermal Imaging Camera Designed for Your Smartphone

CompactXR is the world’s smallest thermal imager. Its highly portable design fits in your pocket for easy connect and detect convenience. The CompactXR delivers powerful thermal imaging through its advanced 206×156 thermal sensor engineered with the same military-proven technology the pros use.  Its 20-degree narrow field of view allows it to detect heat signatures up to 1,800 feet away between -40 and 626 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key Features

  • A Tiny Thermal Camera. A Big Step Forward.

    • An unseen world of energy surrounds us. It’s part of everything we touch, see, and feel. This unseen world – specifically levels of infrared energy, which our eyes can’t detect – provides information that is incredibly useful for solving everyday problems. Bringing to the table over 35 years of innovation, Seek’s cofounding team – Dr. William Parrish and Tim Fitzgibbons – knew that turning every smartphone into a high-powered thermal imaging device was groundbreaking and could change lives.
  • Seek a New Advantage

    • By measuring very small temperature differences, invisible energy patterns are converted by our thermal imagers into clear, visible images that the human eye can’t always see.  Since the energy we sense is not impacted by visible light, our infrared thermal imagers can be used in both daylight and night conditions across long distances.

  • Safety & Security

    • Keep an eye on things – even things your eyes can’t see. A visual assessment using Seek Thermal Imaging Cameras has unique benefits especially at night and over long distances. Thermal imaging detects elevated temperatures, which are indicative of objects radiating energy (or heat). This makes it easier to discover and detect heat-emitting sources at night where lighting provides unwanted attention:

      • Law Enforcement

      • Night Security

      • Search & Rescue

      • Land Surveillance and Border Protection

      • Public Safety & Tactical Support

      • Safeguard Corporate Facilities, Factories & Warehouses, Government Sites, or Residential Property


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