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Speed To Market

NAX Optics division is set up for fast paced To-Market solution. We offer total solution and customisation from materials to system. NAX Optics provides a wide range of photonics products to meet your scientific research, product development and photonic transmission needs. We specialize in manufacturing precision optics custom-made in accordance to your drawings and specifications, delivering to the best quality and can support prototype manufacturing with the best turnaround time. Our collaborative process and detailed understanding of our customers' applications is key to our success.

Expertise in Advanced Optics Processes

NAX Optics has a full range of capability from Grinding, Polishing, Centering, Profiling and Coating that enables us to produce a diverse mix of shapes and sizes of precision optics such as spherical, aspherical, prisms, windows and filter for a wide variety of applications. Material types that we commonly work with are optical glass, quartz glass, crystals, and polymers.

Metrology and Quality

Quality is the utmost priority to NAX Optics and we pride ourselves in meeting the highest level of quality for our customers. Our quality is controlled with various tools and equipment to ensure that our optics solutions meet our customers’ satisfaction. Few examples of metrologies used, but not limited to the following: Interferometer, Hand-held equipment, Vision Measurement Machine and Spectrophotometer. QA team in NAX Optics understands the customers’ applications and products, and are very well-trained to ensure absolute quality as our high priority.